People May Be Surprised to Learn That I…

Topics: Decision making, Software engineering, Engineering Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: July 31, 2010
People may be surprised to learn that even though I am in the field of business, I actually obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Computer Science. Some people have told me that I wrong not to put my education into use. Initially, I wanted to become a successful computer engineer that can allow me to create more advanced technology to benefit the society. Right after I graduated I worked in a computer software company that makes software for law enforcements and national chained restaurants. It was exactly what I planned to do. However, when my company spent hours developing sales/marketing strategies and maintaining relationship with vendors in order to win the deal over other similar computer software design company, I was fascinated with the creativity and intelligent decisions the company came up with. That was when I realize that it is true that engineers are needed to create reliable and significant products for the company to sell, but the movers and shakers of the company are the business decision makers. What to sell is important, but how do you make what you sell stand out amongst the competitions and how you can attract the customers are even more important. This profound business trade practices create the ambition and challenge out of me. That was why I decided to switch my career from being behind the scene to being at the front line as a sales associate for a world wide financial company and now a buyer for a multi-million dollars e-commerce company. Even though during this career change, I had to learn a lot of things from scratch, but because I am blessed to have the technical skills and learning ability as a computer engineer, I was able to move faster and find my niche quickly in the brand new field. Because of my ability to think outside the box and analyze though roughly, I was awarded top producer of the company, generated over a quarter million dollars of production in less than 2 years.
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