Is Concentration and Career Analysis

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IS Concentration and Career Analysis

Coming from a family that owns a small business, I decided to pursue a degree in business administration with concentration in management and marketing. By the time I graduated from college, I realized how important it is to implement information technology into a small business like ours. Our competitors have created online shopping websites which result in increasing sales and expanding territories. It would be cost insufficient for us to hire a professional firm to build our website and maintain it. I start thinking why not doing it myself and that is why I am here in DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media.

After some research, I decided to join E-Commerce Technology program at the Graduate level with the hope of being able to build and maintain my business website after finishing the program. After completing the prerequisite phase, I realized the ECT program requires a lot of technical knowledge in coding and programming. Coming from a non-IT background, I am struggling to understand the programming language. So again, I am in the search for a new major but this time with the help of advising staff. I have some limitations when choosing a major in IT because some of my choices require an IT undergraduate degree which I do not have. I decided to go with Information System with concentration in Project Manager because it is less technical but enough to manage the IT side of the business.

Unfortunately, my career seeking mission has not ended. I changed my mind again after taking IS 398 course. I have a better understanding on career analysis. As the professor said, for someone who has a business degree like me, with no work experiences in IT, it would be hard to get hired as project manager right after college. I should work my way up and because of that, business analysis concentration would be a better fit. My long term goal is to manage my own business but before that, I want to learn and gain experiences by working for an IT firm. So again, I changed my major to Information System with concentration in Business Analysis/Systems Analysis. Business Analysis/Systems Analysis Concentration

Both business analysts and system analysts are required to recognize and resolve any IT needs or concerns of the company they are working for. A Business Analyst should be able to find and organize all of the needs of their client and assure that their IT systems meet them. Systems Analysts, however, concentrate on meeting those needs by designing and managing functional IT systems. Both should have strong organizational expertise, exceptional communication skills, a desire to work with people, and an interest in lifelong learning (Coporate Education Group). Business Analysis/Systems Analysis Courses

Business Analysis/ Systems Analysis courses are designed to help student strengthen communication skills; majority of all courses require students to participate in both IT team and/or clients roles in team projects. Besides an in-depth IT knowledge on how the system operates (IS 421. IS 422, CSC 451, IS 435, IS 485), integrating skills is also essential to this concentration. As a systems analyst, it is important to pay attention to the details in pursuit the ideal system. As a business analyst, the priority is to figure out which option has the best value of its cost. After completing all phases of this concentration, the student would be able to see the "big picture" by integrating business and IT matters.

In the advanced elective phase, I am planning on taking IS 565 because outsourcing is a big part of IT industry in the U.S (Gartner's 30 Leading Locations for Offshore Services, 2010-2011, 2010). As we already know, a lot of U.S companies practice off-shored outsourcing to lower the cost. As the matter of fact, the American is the largest customer for India outsourcing industry and account for 60% of IT industry. India IT outsourcing has grown to 47...

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