Exam 2 Take Home

Topics: Investment, Finance, Stock market Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Daniel Wong
Prof. Martinez
MGMT 3610
Exam II Take-Home
In the Career Management Process, I currently find myself somewhere between step two, reality check, and step three, goal setting. While I have not undergone step one, self-assessment, specifically for this assignment, I feel as if I have inadvertently completed this step through my time at LMU. Coming from a family atmosphere that is very academically and career focused, I have been expected to determine my “life plan” quicker and earlier than most of my classmates.

I have been interested in the stock market since a young age; my grandmother gave me money to invest in whatever stocks I wanted. I was able to invest in Apple at around $80-90 a share (before the stock split). I was intrigued by the way I put almost no effort nor physical work into making the profits that resulted, I just had to tell the broker what to do and wait for my money to grow.

Over the last year I have taken reasonable steps to determine how best to utilize my talents. Last summer I interned for a private investment firm, where I researched and ranked the top 529 plans available in America. I was also an Internship Sales Associate for Global Equity Finance in San Diego. I understand I have a talent in analyzing data and making research projects, as well as an interest in human interaction. However, the main motivator in my career planning is money. Whichever field seems profitable, and “doable”, I will reassess and mold my skill set to match its requirements. Realistically, the overall field of business I want to pursue is finance. I realize how broad of a statement that is, which is why I find myself in between steps two and three. I understand my talents and resources, however I am not yet sure which area of finance I want to pursue.

My plan is to, over the years and by process of elimination, determine which field of finance to work in. Fields that interest me are wealth management, investment and commercial...
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