Cis 500- Cloud Computing

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Computer Information Systems CIS 500
December 2, 2012

Technology has taken great leaps of advancement. Some of the new technology that companies and consumers are taking advantage of to store and process data is cloud computing. Cloud computing was derived from virtualization. Virtualization allows companies to separate business applications from hardware. Doing this gives the company the capability of assigning applications as needed. The option to manage applications is a great benefit to companies. Resulting from the virtualization error, cloud computing has emerged to provide flexible IT infrastructures. This has not only enhanced the options companies now have, but it is also proven to be more cost efficient. This has increasingly become a preferred method of companies and consumers alike. (Turban, & Volonino, 2011, p.47) How Ericsson Benefits from Amazon Web Services

As a leader in 2G, 3G and 4G mobile technology, Ericsson saw immediate benefits from the use of Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Web Services provides an integrated cloud called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2. This cloud offers the flexibility and capabilities that Ericsson needs long-term. The use of EC2 provides cost efficiency due to this being an existing infrastructure. The money Ericsson would need to cover a traditional IT infrastructure is significantly lowered with the use of cloud. Some benefits to the use of EC2 is: automatic updates ensuring that all software is up to date for optimal performance, application management to ensure that applications can now be monitored and used on an as needed basis, remote access makes clouds available for access anytime, anywhere in the world making this accessible 24 hour a day.

Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and RightScale
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 is a total environment. As a total environment it provides processors, memory capability, and software. EC2 offers the ultimate scalability with the...

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