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Application for the Core OC –


All applications (soft copies) need to be submitted to:
Rahel Chakola (
Nikita Singh (
Paroma Bhattacharya (

Structure of the Application

➢ The application is divided into 4 main parts:
• Personal Details and Information
• Self Analysis
• Intent to apply
• AIESEC Experience

➢ Please fill in all the questions completely.

General Information

|Name: |Apaar Gupta | |E-mail id: | | |Phone no: |9820974428 |

Self Analysis
1. Please note down your three biggest strengths and weaknesses. |3 biggest strengths – ambitious, goal oriented, straight forward | |3 biggest weaknesses – impatient, shy, can be discouraged by non – achievability of goals |

2. What in your opinion is achievement? What has been your biggest achievement (either inside or outside AIESEC)? |Achievement is the realization of goal. It is the pursuit and continuous perseverance to reach out to your dream. | |My biggest achievement was when I was elected as the Sports Secretary of my college. It is a hotly contested post and a lot of | |people vie for it. |

3. What according to you are the essential qualities that a candidate should possess to be an OCP? What of these do you have in you? |The essential qualities an OCP should definitely posses are :- Flexibility, Leadership, Perseverant | |I am certainly flexible and open to all the opinions that my team members may have and also I have certain leadership skills and am| |still learning. |

4. Assume that you are an OCP for the coming cycle, what role do you see yourself playing as a Team Leader? Specifically how would you react if you find that a team member is slacking in performance? |As a team leader, I would definitely do all I can to ensure that the event is an astounding success and also I like to break up the| |main goals into smaller goals so as to go step by step up the ladder. | |If a member of my team is found slacking in performance, then I would defiantly talk to him and find out possible reasons for the | |slack but even then if the performance does not get to what is expected of the member, then I wouldn’t think again about replacing | |him. |

5. What do you foresee as your biggest challenge ? How do you think you will overcome the same? |My biggest challenge is to overcome my impatience. | |I need to give things proper time and be more patient. |

Intent to Apply

6. Why have you decided to apply for the position of OCP/OCVP? |I wanted to apply for the position of OCVP because there’s so much to learn from this experience and also I love working for a | |cause and I couldn’t have gotten a better opportunity....
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