Resident Assistant Accomplishment

Topics: Community building / Pages: 4 (960 words) / Published: Jan 12th, 2017
A Resident Assistant is a leader, a mentor, and a community builder. I am writing to convey my experience as a Resident Assistant over the past semester and how I’ve embodied the qualities listed above. In addition, I hope to convey my qualifications to return as a Resident Assistant during the 2017-2018 school year. Over the past semester, I experienced the rigor the Resident Assistant job requires as well as what it meant to truly be a member of a team. I hope to continue to work towards being a more equipped leader and a better team member in order to best serve my residents. One of the biggest challenges that I faced during this year would be balancing my position as a Resident Assistant as well as a student. It was a challenge to ensure …show more content…
The first would be my administrative tasks as a Resident Assistant. I consistently turned in papers, forms, and completed task on time or before the deadline. This also included emailing and updating my supervisor about any resident conflicts or situations that occurred. I feel that this is an accomplishment because I was able to keep the line of communication open to my supervisor and ensured that all information was given in a timely manner. Another accomplishment I achieved over the past semester was being flexible to my other Resident Assistants. There were many times when last minute another Resident Assistant needed to switch duty days or had an emergency situation and I was able to cover for them. For example, during the semester one Resident Assistant needed to go to the hospital last minute and needed someone to cover. Despite it being last minute and on a Friday night, I was able to take the duty day. This is an accomplishment because I felt like I was a vital member of the team and that people could rely on me to step up to the plate when need …show more content…
One goal for next year would be to create meaningful and creative programs that stimulate not only the academic side of my residents but can also help them grow spiritually, individually, socially, and creatively. I hope to accomplish this through a better time management of planning and to thoughtfully come up with learning goals and targets for my programs. Another goal I have would be to create a more intimate community. This means that I create spaces for my residents to truly get to know reach other on a more personal level. I hope to accomplish this by having more programs in the beginning of the year and throughout the semester that are fun and engaging but also allows residents to socialize on a level they might not have done by themselves.
Overall, over the past semester, I have grown as a person but also in my role as a Resident Assistant. I hope to return next year in order to build upon my experiences and skills that I have attained this year and to share my experiences with others. I want to take this time to formally thank you for your consideration for my continued work in the Resident Life Department as a Resident Assistant. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and again, thank you for your

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