Pastoral Ministry

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with every context that you are in, you must think of your audience and what they best respond to builder generation- historical examples, novels, etc.
baby boomer- personal stories for examples
callings have different pathways
Acts 26: 12-18
Paul was called with a mission to the gentiles to open their eyes.. didn’t occur right away but was revealed over time In acts, Paul tells of his conversion story three different times Exodus 3 – Moses

Beyond the wilderness
Not sure – lots of objections
To what is God calling me to, what is he calling me to currently? Variety of calling stories within Scripture
Your story does not need to be the same as everyone else, it will be mysterious Clarity of calling often needs to come through community

Do you think you’re call will ever get fuzzy?
It will. Revisiting your calling is important and necessary Vocational calling
All Christians are called to service
Big issues in ministry- helping others discern their call, hopefully discerning before in college Pastors have a unique call
William Temple and his 3 fold call
Called to Christ
Called to the People of God
Called to Service/Mission
Breadth of calling (you want people to discover the fullness of their calling) To work (vocation)
To marriage (or singleness)
To family
To community (Church)
To service
Common Good
Call to Pastoral ministry
It is like the calls to other ministries
Different realm in the church
Churches are different creatures than other humanitarian/non-profit organizations Different rhythms (weekends – evenings)
Work on day no one works, work stuff at nights
Call into ministry
Inner sense of Call from God (Pietist)
External call
sending people of God (home congregation)
receiving people of God (we want you!)
two stage call
1st call
called to preparation (seminary)
2nd call
called to pastoral ministry
called to missions (cross-cultural)
called to non-congregational ministry
sometimes there is a call to a specific pastoral identity
pastoral care
pastoral counseling
children’s ministry
youth ministry
ministry tensions
generalist or specialist
pastor or entrepreneur
interim or semi-permanent
career or vocation
world Christianity vs local expression

ministry in different contexts
national institutional
example: local pastor that is a part of a national organization and receives the image of what that organization is experiencing national contextual
example: being a pastor in 2015 is different that in 1886. The two worlds are very different local institution
each individual church has a history that you need to learn and study. What are the tensions in the church, what are the successes, how has God moved in the past local contextual
church lifecycle

“movements cant keep their momentum forever and at some point they need to establish order/institutionalize. The organization/movement becomes a monument, which is solid/lifeless” agents that will kill churches

adultery (10 years to get back to normal)
bad preaching
bad people
churches in denominations will have records on file to help display what stage of life the church is in independent churches will have reports, you want to look over 10 law-grace spectrum
competing values, “we affirm that there is grace but there’s also a place for law” seen in the first 10 minutes
heavy in law- you’ll leave feeling burdened
heavy in grace- leave feeling good about love but discouraged looking around at the people how does the church deal with divorce?
Non-reconciliation habits
“hard-living people”
are people who are still “rough around the edges” welcome in the church? Questions like…
Who would not feel welcome here and why?
Church government
One leader who makes decisions for all
Example: Roman Catholic Church
Every decision is ran through the congregation
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