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Collaboration Worksheet
Step 1: The presentation
Before you choose how you will present, think about what you want your audience to understand or learn. What will be your main message?
Once you've decided on your message, you'll need to figure out how to ask your audience for feedback. You can ask them if they understood your message. You can ask them for suggestions. If you're feeling up for it, you can even ask them for constructive criticism, which means they will point out specific areas you can improve in. (And any improvement is a good thing, right?)

Next, you'll need to consider how to reach your audience. Where do they hang out on social media? Is your message best conveyed through text, pictures, video, or some other creative way? Do you think it would be best to post your message to more than one social media outlet? It's your project, so you get to choose.

Finally, with choice comes responsibility. You should anticipate how you will document your presentation and the feedback you receive. Will you use a screen shot or a link to your presentation? Or will you use another creative way to document it? This is my social media project presentation:

My Social Media Project Is To Help People Figure Out How Ways To Eat Healthier So They lose Weight .

Step 2: The feedback
Hearing your audience's thoughts and getting feedback is fun. Aren't you curious what others think? For this assignment, you will need to collect and document a minimum of six pieces of feedback from others relating to your social media project presentation. In the space below, provide documentation of feedback. Examples of documentation include, but are not limited to, the following:

Link or screenshot to one or more social media posts with comments A screenshot or a copied and pasted version of a discussion thread from a blog, discussion area, instant message, email, etc.
Any sort of documentation that includes both your presentation and feedback. (Brain waves don't...
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