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Topics: Ad hominem, Latin logical phrases, Argumentum ad populum Pages: 14 (2241 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The American work ethic is an example of a(n)
| | belief.|
| | opinion.|
| | attitude.|
| | value.|
Which of the following are components of the analysis of any speaking situation? Answer
| | The audience and occasion   |
| | The audience and speaker|
| | The occasion and speaker|
| | The topic and occasion|
_________ is the general purpose of relaxing your audience by providing it with a pleasant listening experience. Answer
| | Speaking to entertain|
| | Speaking to explain  |
| | Speaking to inform|
| | Speaking to persuade  |

 All the following are types of general purposes EXCEPT
| | to entertain.|
| | to persuade.|
| | to explain.|
| | to inform.|
Which of the following types of speech delivery is more likely to be used by an actor giving a monologue? Answer
| | Impromptu|
| | Manuscript|
| | Extemporaneous|
| | Memorization|
__________ tells you the central idea of your speech.
| | The preview statement|
| | The purpose statement|
| | The general purpose|
| | The thesis statement|
"Audience analysis should include consideration of how the audience feels about the speaker, the subject, and the speaker’s intentions.  Those feelings of the audience that lie closest to the surface, that have the least depth, are labeled" Answer

| | beliefs.|
| | values.|
| | opinions.|
| | attitudes.|
"To take advantage of an expert’s experience, research, and thought, you might use" Answer
| | the library catalogue.|
| | interviews.|
| | reference works.|
| | periodicals.|
Personal interviews do not require as careful a citation as printed forms of evidence. Answer True 
“Cheerleaders are not as important as the athletes on the field” is an example of proposition of fact. Answer True 
The target audience is the subgroup you must persuade, and you aim your speech mostly at them. Answer True 
Which of the following is NOT a step in the motivated sequence? Answer
| | The satisfaction step|
| | The planning step|
| | The need step|
| | The visualization step|
________________  tells us that when members of an audience hear a persuasive appeal, they compare it to opinions that they already hold. Answer
| | Dialectical judgment theory|
| | Sapir–Whorf theory|
| | Social judgment theory|
| | Social penetration theory|
Because attitudes do not change instantly or dramatically, persuasion is usually Answer
| | ethical.|
| | incremental.|
| | charismatic.|
| | direct.|
A _______________ is the subgroup you must persuade to reach your goal.  Answer
| | focus group|
| | key group|
| | target audience
| | marginal section |
President Lyndon Johnson began most of his speeches with the phrase, “My fellow Americans.” This is an example of Answer
| | developing a “yes” response.|
| | building credibility.|
| | using an ad hominem argument.|
| | establishing common ground.|
In a persuasive presentation, the __________________ best represents the listener’s point of view. Answer
| | latitude of acceptance|
| | latitude of noncommitment|
| | anchor|
| | latitude of rejection |
A speaker who begins a speech by stating the desired audience response is using Answer
| | direct persuasion.|
| | an attention-getter.|
| | indirect persuasion.|
| | reasoning by sign.|
You should use information from personal observation, interviewing, surveys, and the library in all your speeches. Answer True 
Your text recommends Google as a website to be used as a first step in your hunt for information on the Internet. Answer True 
 No one speech can have more than one general purpose.
Answer True 
A belief is a predisposition to respond to something in a favorable or unfavorable...
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