Paradoxes in Human Resources

Topics: Human resources, Management, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: February 21, 2006
The field of Human Resources is full of difficulties and challenges. The business world has large expectations that are continually changing. How can a Human Resources Manager complete the necessary tasks to run a competent department while become the strategic partner and advisor that it needs to be? There are many paradoxes within Human Resources; probably more so than with any other profession. As a Human Resources professional, I have come across paradoxes in my career. I have not yet been at a level where I had to make the final decision and affect the company strategically. How will I balance paradoxes in my career? Administrative Expert/Strategic Leadership

Human Resources has always been known to be an administrative expert. With the business world quickly changing, Human Resources is now expected to be a strategic leader as well. Currently, this is the top paradox within Human Resources. Every article on the future of Human Resources discusses the strategic necessity. For decades, Human Resources has processed paperwork for new hires, benefits, equal opportunity reports, etc. Business is now seeing that Human Resources makes too many decisions not to be involved in all planning processes.

Remaining an administrative expert while becoming a strategic leader is a paradox of the highest caliber. Human Resources has to ensure that all of the administrative portions of the department are completed in a timely manner to ensure accurate reporting and smooth transitions for new and existing employees. Many of these services are being outsourced so that the concentration can be placed on being a strategic partner. If outsourcing is not an option, departments have to find a balance between these opposites. Becoming a Human Resources Manager will require planning forethought and execution. Employing the necessary talent will be more critical than ever before. The department will need people to complete the necessary administrative duties as well...

References: Ulrich, D. (1997). Human resource champions. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.
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