Jet Blue Case Study

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Human Resource Strategies, Policies & Practices
HMP1 – Jet Blue Case Study


Human Resource Management, was developed in the late 90’s, by R. Wayne Mondy and Judy Bandy Mondy. It was designed to help new students become familiar with human resource management, providing both realistic and practical scenarios of HR’s strategic role in planning and operating organizations. Through various examples from the research of company material, it demonstrates that all managers are necessarily involved with the human resources part of business, which is described here from Mondy (2008).

In review of the case study of a newly developed start-up airline, JetBlue Airways (2001), it describes how the founder, David Neeleman, solicited and secured the necessary capital and experienced management, critical to establishing and growing a business in the aviation industry. Neeleman’s past experience was helping relatively new airlines get off the ground and become successful, such as Morris Air and Southwest Airlines. As Executive VP of Southwest, he brought substantial growth and industry recognition to the company. However, Neeleman’s personality and entrepreneurial spirit didn’t fit Southwest’s culture, and was eventually let go. He continued his interest in this industry, recognizing there were still many passengers’ needs that weren’t being addressed by neither major nor smaller airlines. He convinced investors to fund his ideas and vision. With himself at the helm, along with adequate capitalization and the right management people in place, he was convinced they would be successful. Part of their business plan was to utilize technology to increase employee and aircraft productivity, as well as improve customer experience. This would allow them to offer low-cost airfares to underserved markets, and focus on providing great customer service, and as Neeleman commented, “we’re going to bring humanity back to air travel” (Gittell, et al., 2001, p. 60). However, Neeleman understood from experience, that to successfully deliver these promises to customers over time, it was essential to have an organization which focused on people. To help develop a cohesive team environment, he brought on skilled and experienced HUMAN RESOURCE STRATEGIES, POLICIES & PRACTICES 4 management people like Ann Rhoades. She was the Executive VP of Human Resources during Neeleman’s Southwest days, and shared his ideas. Together, they agreed to define and establish a set of values, which they believed were the basis for developing an organization. With this in mind, and these new values set in place, Rhoades and her team proceeded to hire the best candidates, with the intent to treat them the same way they expected to treat their customers. They focused on building a safe and fun work environment, and offered attractive compensation, benefits, and training programs with career growth opportunities. In developing an organization from the ground up, there are many other elements that need to be considered during this process as well. Therefore, we will identify and analyze the human resource strategies, policies and practices, as they relate to JetBlue Airways. Initially, we will identify 3 national equal employment opportunity laws that influences and sets guidelines for JetBlue’s hiring practices, with the first being the “Equal Pay Act of 1963” (Mondy, 2008, p. 59). This legislation prohibits an employer from paying an employee of one gender, less money than another employee of the opposite gender, if they both do essentially the same job. Also considering,...

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