The Evolution of Human Resource Management

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Human resource gained more attention as the workforce considered to be an important resource to gain competitive advantage of organization and also it helpful in utilizing the resources of an organization to an optimum extent in order to achieve organizational goal. Managing human resource is a complex process. As Harzing and Ruysseveldt said a better way to understand the philosophy of human resource management demands a thorough understanding about the evolution of the concept itself from the ancestral concept personnel management. In 1990 due to liberalized government policies of various countries the human resource started floating from one country to another this led to diversification of workforce and cross culture took place as a result employees from one nation migrating to another nation and bringing their culture with them this led to mixed organization culture so the HR professional has to play major role in coordinating the workforce of different culture in an organization. Approaches towards recruitment of staff focused to geocentric from ethnocentric and polycentric which is more efficient because workforce will be selected based on talent regardless of nationality. Method of recruiting also changed towards efficient policies like using of head hunters, cross national advertising, E- recruitment.

Evolution of Personnel management started in 19th century at that time there was a boom in industrialization which leads to increase in franchising and influence of trade unions and harshness of industrial condition called for the better of industrial condition. There was no department as such for taking care of above problem only welfare officers came into being to take care of above situation. These welfare officers were only women's who take care of protectionism of women and girls because they feel it as worthy if women employee are sick they visit their home give food accommodation give moral welfare. As the role of women increasing like they were getting employed in modern industries where their work is packing assembly or other routine job so the quality required by these women employee increased so these welfare officer who were women their responsibility also increased that is to recruitment training development. But ambiguity has been increased due to increase in production and also increased in paternalistic behavior relationship between employer and employee and also aiming at moral protection of women and girls and also side by side the aim of achieving economies of scale is also increased like achieving higher output by minimizing cost by resolving grievances control of sickness these leads to mixed aim of achieving organizational objective in order to achieve but at that time there was only a handful of welfare officer was their they wanted to improve the condition of working of women in 1900 there were only few welfare officer was their but in 1913 number of welfare officer has been increased to take care of the situation.

The exact growth of personnel management started during First World War because the number of munitions manufactured at a large scale so the number of employees needed to manufacture increased on the other hand the welfare officer also increased by 1300 to take care of employees it also sought the supply of labor to munitions factories as the supply of welfare officer made mandatory by government.  During war women recruited at a large scale to fill the gap of men who left the factories to joint war which in turn leads to dispute labour union to employ unskilled women. The title labour manager or employment manager came in the year 1920 in engineering industry and other industries where the factories was very huge to handle absence, recruitment, queries over business and so on. Companies started merger and acquisition as strategy to grow...

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