Functional Areas of Business

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Functional Areas of Business

Management MGT/521

Functional Areas of Business

The functional areas of business are areas that allow the organization to operate, develop, and progress abiding by laws and regulations when implementing policies and procedures in the organization to all employees and management. There are 10 functional areas of business: Management, law, human resources management, leadership, accounting, finance, economics, research and statistics, operations management, marketing, and strategic planning. The two functional areas that will be covered are human resources management and strategic planning because these are the two related to the human resources manager and developing the organization into a successful one.

Human Resources Management

Employees and applicants may think of human resources management as a department that hires and terminates employees and nothing more, but this is not the case. Human Resources Management is a vital department of any organization because with this the organization is built and develops. The department is responsible recruiting, interviewing, hiring, consulting, strategic planning, and many others tasks that involve operating the organization. It must confirm the personal information, knowledge, skills, experiences, and creativity of all applicants before making them employees while abiding by all laws set forth by the specific state. Organizations must follow these laws to avoid facing fines or facing other implications that could be set forth by the state.

Once the applicants become employees, the organization will strengthen the employees’ knowledge, skills, experiences, and creativity by further training and development systems offered. Human Resources Management uses two strategies: buy-bureaucratic strategy that emphasizes outside recruiting, limited training, exact job definitions, and seniority as the criteria; and make-organic strategy that emphasizes internal...
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