Pacific Rim Telecom Business Plan

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Pacific Rim Telecom
Business Plan


Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Industry Environment/Overview of the Trade Show Industry4
Cultural, Political and Economic Environments5
Managing Income from the Event 11
Human Resources12
Marketing 14
Exhibiting Audience (who will exhibit)
Attending Audience (who will attend)
Competitor analysis15
Management Responsibilities16
Financial Resource Requirements17

Australia Quick facts17
Australia's political environment legal and issues 20
Money Laudering Information23
Syndey Convention and Exhibition Centre (Facility)25
Pro-forma Cash Flow25
Sources and Document Citations28

Additional Information (sent via email):
Prospective Exhibitors
Competitive Events
Sydney Exhibition and Conference Centre Specifications
Activity Schedule

Executive Summary
Business Opportunity
ITU TELECOM is a 30-year old event for the telecommunications industry, produced by the International Telecommunication Union, a trade association based in Geneva, Switzerland with membership that includes 191 Member States and more than 700 Sector Members and Associates. ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies. As the global focal point for governments and the private sector, ITU's role in helping the world communicate spans 3 core sectors: radiocommunication, standardization and development. ITU also organizes TELECOM events and was the lead organizing agency of the World Summit on the Information Society.

Geneva Telecom takes place every four years; our show will be held in the middle of that cycle, i.e. every four years but alternating with the other event. So if Geneva Telecom takes place in 2008, 2012 and 2016, our event would take place in 2010, 2014 and 2018. Four years is too long between events given the speed at which telecommunications is evolving today. Thus, we have an opportunity to provide an event with exhibits and education that keeps the members of the telecommunications community up-to-date.

Our choice to hold the event in Sydney, Australia, was made on the basis of over 20 criteria. These included: technical requirements including the quality of the infrastructure overall attractiveness of the location

equidistant from the markets of Asia and the Americas.
In considering the choice of market entry, several areas were of concern. These included geographic location; accessibility; facilities available and, within that concern, the amenities the facility provided; hotel space; local infrastructure; support personnel and services; and international awareness.

Our choice of locating our event in Sydney, Australia, was based on a variety of factors including those listed above. In addition, because the existing event, against which we were positioned, took place in Europe, we decide to cover a different geographic area. Hence, we chose the Pacific Rim. Within that area, there were several options considered based on the facilities available. We needed an exhibit hall that had sufficient exhibit capacity; a concrete floor and high ceilings; high-tech accessibility and connections; sufficient electric capacity; audio-visual support; transportation, I & D services (installation and dismantle) and drayage (moving exhibit structures and equipment from the loading dock onto the show floor); etc. Sydney provided all these requirements.

Factors that also affected our decision were international currency exchange and banking and translation services for visitors. Because Sydney had a thriving exhibition industry, everything we needed was readily available. We took into consideration all our requirements as show management, needs of our exhibiting customers and needs and requirements of our attending audience

Industry Environment
Overview of the Trade Show Industry
The trade show industry produces over...

Citations:  Terpstra, V. "International Marketing", 4th Ed. The Dryden Press, 1987.
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