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Northeastern University

TSMG 5340 - Telecommunications Public Policy and Business Management
Thursday 6:00PM –9:30PM
Forsyth Building Rm 237
Fall 2014 9/4th –12/11th

Instructor Dick Lush Email or , phone -508-695-6034

If Class is cancelled – see announcement

Course Material Course Pack at Harvard Business Publishing- See detailed instructions under Course Material TAB. There are 22 cases and readings, Reading assignments and slides on Blackboard.

Course Description This course provides an overview of the telecommunications industry with focus on areas such as overview of the industry, technologies, policy, regulatory, finance, marketing, trends, distribution, business models, M&A, and the telecommunication’s environment.

●To develop an understanding of the telecommunications industry and how its major components have an impact and interact with each other.
●To develop an understanding of why there are different business models, strategies, accounting methods, marketing and channels of distribution. ●Learn and apply methodologies from “case studies” relative to the telecommunication industry.
Individual case studies papers Group case studies presentations Pop Quizzes Hourly tests Business Game
Course Assessment Pop Quizzes 10% Hourly Tests (4) 40% Individual Cases (4) 20% Group Cases 20% Business Game 10%

Syllabus (syllabus, slides, reading material, assignments will be posted on Blackboard per session), Lecture -6:00-7:45,Break -7:45-8:15, Lecture 8:15-9:30PM )

Date Topic & Assignment

Sept. 4 Course Introduction/Syllabus, Telecom structure, Products, Why regulations, Market sizes, Form teams, Assignment -Read: The US Telecommunications Industry (A) & (B), China’s Telecommunications Industry- due 9/11

11 Industry Background US

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