P1 Intro to Marketing

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Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing

Assignment 1: P1

Marketing is the act of publicising products and offers to customers to get them to want to buy it; this could be via the television, a poster or radio. Marketing always has the customer at the centre of its activities and wants to build customer relationships in order to keep them coming back. Another definition of marketing is the actual action of selling an item or service to customers, like in a retail shop for example.

John Lewis’ aim: serving customers with flair and fairness. John Lewis’ marketing strategies support this by advertising a wide option of customer services on the website including; FAQ’s, Delivery problems, New Customer Registration, Orders and Returns, Gift Vouchers and Discounts and much more.

Oxfam’s aim: to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering. Oxfam’s marketing strategies support this by displaying adverts on television about how you can donate in almost any way and showing emotional real life stories that encourage you to donate.

Public Sector Organisations

In the public sector marketing is used by advertisements on the television, for example the UK police force put up an advert about drug driving to deter people from doing it. The police also produce flyers explaining about drugs and how to get help or ask questions to just raise awareness about what drugs can do, they also send out officers to schools to speak to young teenagers. This type of marketing is good as it is face to face and personal where as you might not listen to a TV advert so well.

Another public organisation, the NHS, also use advertising on the television. Their most recent one is about cervical cancer and aims to raise awareness about the jab and that girls need to take it. The advert itself starts of with catchy music and grabs people’s attention and makes them more likely to remember that there is a jab against cervical cancer.

Private Sector Organisations

In the...

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