Digital Revolution

Topics: Marketing, Mobile phone, Advertising Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: October 14, 2012
“Describe the impact of the digital revolution on marketing and on consumer behaviour”

What is Digital Revolution?
It is the change to digital technology from analog mechanical and electronic technology which happened during 1980s and still going till today. What is Marketing?
Marketing is a process of selling and promoting good and services; it involves market research as well as advertising. What is Consumer Behaviour?
It is a study about people, who are consumers of how, why, when, and where they do or don’t buy a good or a service, it is a study of understanding their decisions in buying a product.

Digital revolution has generated a change in the world, which will change basically everything, from the way we live, our perspectives and especially our future. With the introduction of technology and digital tools, our future has changed in a number of ways and in this essay will talk about how digital revolution has impacted marketing and consumer behaviour. Marketing is a process of selling and promoting goods and services, it involves market research as well as advertising. Marketing must keep up with technology as it evolves; if not there would not be any way to market goods or services to societies who have embraced the digital revolution. With this, some marketers will automatically change towards the digital revolution but some will have a hard time adapting towards the digital revolution. Marketing has no other choice but to move towards digital revolution, as that is where the world is moving towards to as well as where the future will be, and so marketing must keep up with digital revolution. Why? Because if marketing does not give in to the ways of the digital age, how will marketers market? Marketing is needed everywhere, whether we want it or not, it has impacted us greatly in many ways. Both the young and old will have to get used to it.

The invention of the internet has impacted marketing in a creative way, such as how advertisers...
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