Ownership and Sense of Self

Topics: Middle school, Jean-Paul Sartre, English-language films Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Jerome Santiago
Period 2
AP Eng Lang/Com
Mr. Hislop

Ownership and Sense of Self

In our time today, people own a lot of stuff these days. From a house, to a car, to appliances and the other little things they can own. Well, what does it really mean to "own something?" Can you own a tangible object such as a computer and or own an intangible such as an idea or thought? What does it really mean to own something? I believe that it is possible and true that you can both own something tangible and intangible.

Aristotle claimed that ownership of tangible goods help to develop moral character. I agree with his idea because once you own something and how you act afterwards can change your character. For example, I had a friend once that was shy and didn't have as many friends. I told him to join the flag football team with me for our middle school team. He agreed to join and at the end of the season, we were both MVPs and helped our team go undefeated. When he received an award stating that he was MVP, his character changed for the better. He started to talk to other people more and became more active. Another example is that during middle school, I received my very first "C" grade in Algebra during a progress report. I didn't do my homework that much and I procrastinated a lot. I was devastated to find out I had a "C." I then learned to be on top of things, to do my homework more and to try making my time management better.

Also Jean-Paul Sartre claimed that ownership extends beyond objects to include intangible things as well. Basically, if you are adept at something and can perform a job or task really good, you "own" it. I also believe that this statement that Jean said was true. An example could be sports. Let's say you're really good at basketball and can shoot better than anyone else in the school. You "own" that level of skill that others don't possess. Other people can't shoot the ball as good as you, so they don't "own" that...
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