Overworked Manager

Topics: Decision making, Management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: October 12, 2013

1. Autocratic Leadership
Mr. Lok is a very domineering individual. He has this dictatorial style to manage the estate. He likes to control over all decisions and little inputs from his subordinates. He makes decision based on his own ideas and judgement and rarely accepts others. Besides, with his 26 years working experiences and his agricultural and technical expertise, he feels that he has the capability to accomplish every related task without trusting his subordinates. He is extremely afraid of making mistakes. His strong one-man approach has been applauded by his company headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. That has been motivating him to control the estate as his own way.

2.Centralisation Decision Making Approach
Mr. Lok never delegates tasks to others. He has to do a lot of administrative work such as opens all the mail and answers all letters personally. He also supervises the paying out of the labour force, including the contract labour, and arranges any contract job that have to done with his contractors. Other than that, he also spends certain amount of outside work such as dealings with the local labour officer, the Area Security Officer, the OCPD of his district, health authorities and other local officials.

3.Flat Organizational Structure
Based on the company organizational chart, it is very obvious that Mr. Lok has been applying flat organizational structure in managing the estate. He has 19 men to report him directly. He has to know all the details on crop progress, factory operations, road maintenance, transport, staff welfare and so on. With this approach, top management retains authority to make strategic decisions and control over routine operations.

4.Unqualified Employment
Based on the article, Mr. Lok’s office assistant has no formal qualifications and his capability in supervising large group of administrative clerk and other staff is doubtful. Hiring unqualified...
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