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Guide to an Outstanding Discussion Board Thread

1. Read your assignment carefully for content related requirements. Let’s look at the example below. Note that it does not ask for a vague opinion, but requires that your answer be based upon: * Five developmental theories found in your reading assignment. * Information found in reading and presentations related to human development. * Your Christian/Other worldview – this implies that you understand your worldview and clearly define how it relates to the theories discussed.

2. Don’t forget to note your due dates.


Discussion Board Forum 1
Topic: We like to have things in systems and theories.  It gives us a framework to work with as we try to understand the world around us in many areas of life. You will find five major developmental theories presented in your reading assignment.  After studying these theories, you will discover that they each have a distinct perspective on human development and how experiences and behaviors change over time.  Using your assigned reading and presentations, discuss areas of theory or theories that you can use from your Christian worldview or worldview that you hold.  Your thread is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday and your two replies are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday. 

3. Review the Grading Rubric provided for the Discussion Board Forums. When grading your submission, I will use this rubric to determine your grade. You will want to refer to this rubric as you write the discussion board response.

Note that there are five areas: Critical Thinking, Connections, Uniqueness, Timeliness and Stylistics.

The feedback noted on this sample rubric indicates the following: This student exhibited great critical thinking skills. He or she generally stayed on topic, but did not connect his/her content to the assigned material. His or her ideas were sound, but were not developed fully. This student posted all submissions early or on time....
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