Outline for Advertising in an Image-Based Culture

Topics: Advertising campaign, Advertising, Culture Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Outline for “Advertising in an Image-Based Culture” by Christians et al

Some critics argue that the influence advertising has played in the development of modern culture is inevitable. By constantly delivering persuasive messages to the population through distinct channels, promotional campaigns have been able to influence societies in their way of living, behavior and thoughts. But if advertising has the ability to define our culture, is it possible that it can erode our core values? In the text written by Christians et al titled “Advertising in an Image-Based Culture”, the authors analyze distinct examples of current advertising campaigns to determine whether these are in fact contributing to the loss of the our morals. This article was written in 2009 and can be found in Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning by Pearson Publishing, a print book that takes a closer look into the moral dilemmas of media in our modern times. Since Clifford Christians and the rest of the authors are prestige academics in the Media and Communications field, the text is intended to have Faculty members and University students as their primary audience. Nevertheless, due to its ease of read and common topic, the text can be read by other general viewers. Throughout the text, Christians et al analyze and criticize the latest practices of promotional campaigns from a moral point of view. Supported by a considerable amount of illustrations and reflections, their arguments lead the audience into thinking that their claim is certain—some promotional campaigns might erode the morals we hold as a culture. The authors start their text examining the high impact media now has in our society by questioning the role advertising has as a “mirror who passively reflects its values and thoughts” in the societies in which it communicates (Christians et al, 2009). This thought is supported by looking at the role promotional efforts have held in history, that went from being “primarily...

References: 1. Christians et al, (2009). Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning (8th edition). Boston, USA: Pearson.
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