Our changing world

Topics: Recycling, Waste, Pacific Ocean Pages: 1 (688 words) Published: June 10, 2014
The painful truth is our world is changing and it may vary well be our fault. The temperature is rising polar summers are getting longer and longer and landfills continue to grow. These are all affects of our gluttonous ways taking more of what we already have driving around aimlessly and littering. I believe that these need to stop. People say change isn’t easy it takes time but mankind has been changing for thousands of years adapting to the world around us. However some people have changed or at least made a turn for the better although not everybody is on the boat.

There are simple things we can do to make a stand against the wasteful world. Instead of buying plastic water bottles just get a reusable one and refill it at home or if you can’t for some reason at least recycle the bottles. I mean really its not impossible to get a reusable water bottle and refill it honestly I think they should either stop selling plastic water bottles or at least make a law that you have to recycle them haven’t you ever been irked buy crushed water bottles laying all over the ground or have you ever heard of the pacific trash vortex it’s a giant heap of litter in the middle of the pacific ocean and its estimated to be about twice the size of Texas. Think about it if that stuff had been recycled first of all it wouldn’t be there and second thousands of marine creatures’ lives would be saved. Sure buying a new eco-friendly car isn’t on your to-do list but just stop driving around aimlessly. Have you ever been sitting around outside and you see a car and you know its just another car but then a few minutes later you see it again and you’re like hey there’s the same car I just saw and you know its still just a car but then you see it several more times and then it starts to get under your skin you think on a wonderful day like today why would someone be just driving around? If you need something to do just run outside or in a gym. Also if you don’t mind in the summer you can...
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