Original Myth

Topics: Solar System, Earth, Sun Pages: 2 (859 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The Sun, the Moon, and the Great Spirit

Long ago, before there was life, before there was even a planet Earth, there were celestial entities that existed in the universe back when it was a light blue. These spirits appear to humans as large masses in space, such as the other planets and the stars. Since the beginning, there were two powerful apparitions that would become rivals until the end of time, the Sun Spirit and the Moon Spirit. The Sun was favored by the other astral entities to the isolated Moon. Not long after all of the spirits of the universe were created by the Great Spirit, their creator who cannot be seen by any life form, the Sun had become the leader of all other celestial bodies and was placed in the center of the Solar System. This angered the Moon, who despised the Sun. The Moon Spirit challenged the Sun for the position as ruler of the planets. Unfortunately for the Moon, the Sun used his superior strength to outcast the Moon to a lonely location between Venus and Mars.

After 4,000 years of peace among the bodies of the Solar System, the Sun was growing old and developed a feeling that something was missing. The Sun Spirit decided that it was time for him to create a new successor since he has aged and become weak over time. The Sun found stray meteors flying across space and summoned all of his remaining power to bring them to him. The aging Sun then smashed the colossal space rocks together to create one large mass. Afterwards, he engulfed the inanimate boulder with his life-giving fire to give it consciousness. “Who are you? Who am I?” said the curious new planet. “I am the Sun, your creator and protector. You are my daughter who will one day grow up to take my place as ruler of everything in existence,” said the Sun to his newborn child. “Well, do I have a name?” the naïve child asked. “I shall name you ‘Earth’,” said the Sun.

For many days, the cosmos celebrated the birth of their beloved king’s child. Eventually, the news spread...
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