Mythology: The Earth's Birth

Topics: Sun, Moon, Earth Pages: 4 (1534 words) Published: November 11, 2008
In the beginning there was chaos and Orana, the goddess of the sun, was born. She is the ruler who formulated what is now known as the core of the earth. She gathered many stars and crushed them together to create a glowing rock-like sphere. Orana then decided to have the core revolve around her so she could watch her creation. While doing this she ran into Lunasta, god of the moon. Lunasta moved the moon to have it revolve around the core too. So instead Orana and Lunasta decided to put the sun and the moon right next to each other. After a while one of the stars pinched Lunasta and gave him the idea to have a child with the sun goddess and add onto the core. They had three children together; Tierrana goddess of the land, Aguanta god of the water, and Vientino god of the wind. Lunasta did not want his children taking over his domain in the sky so he squished them together and threw them on the rock core. Tierrana took up half the core and Aguanta took up the other half. Vientino became stretched out over the entire core, on top of his siblings.

Eventually, Tierrana and Aguanta were sick of lying on the core, when they could be free to roam around like their mother and father. Since Vientino was on top of both of them (and the more troublesome of the three), they sent him up to talk to Lunasta. When he arrived in space he wasn’t surprised to see Lunasta and Orana relaxing next to each other. Then a star came down and pinched him, telling him that it was time to separate his powerful mother and father. Vientino decided he had to comprise a plan. He decided the only way to separate them was to distract his mother while he slowly rotated the core on which his brother and sister lay. While he rotated the core he would then push his father away from his mother eventually landing them on different sides of the core. Next, Vientino put his plan into action and blew a mighty wind on the core that it started to slowly rotate. He then got between his mother and father,...
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