hero myth

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There was a hero, whose name is Empathy. He is from the world called Sylverna. Empathy has the power to control the feelings and emotions of others. Empathy has had the power to control others ever since he was born. At the age of six years old Empathy has had trouble controlling his powers, he is unaware of the gift that he has. One day while Empathy was playing basketball with his co-workers from footlocker, when a royal messenger from another world called Palooza comes running towards him like a maniac. The royal messenger tells Empathy that King Silver of Palooza needs to see him, to ask if he will go on a quest to save his daughter from the nasty, awful, and grim Cyclops. At first Empathy thought it was a joke, but then he saw the seriousness on the messenger’s face. Empathy agrees to the invitation. The royal messenger leads Empathy to the backroom of footlocker where the portal to Palooza is. As soon as Empathy is about to walk through the portal to Palooza, the royal messenger yells out, “there’s one catch, you will have to defeat the five headed monster. Using your powers to prove you are worthy to come into our world!” With the snap of a finger from the messenger a five headed dog appears it was the most hellish thing Empathy has ever seen it had bad breath, a slobbery mouth, and big yellow popping eyes. Empathy is about to face the five headed monster but all of a sudden he felt that the monster didn’t want to be savage but so many people saw him as a beast so instead of killing the five headed monster he decides to treat him nice and be friendly and uses his mind to control the monsters feelings. Once the monster has calmed down the royal messenger tells Empathy that he passed the test, and that he has learned the lesson to not judge someone or something by how they look or behave. The messenger tells Empathy that he can now pass through the portal to the world Palooza.
Now that Empathy is in the world Palooza the messenger leads him to

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