Origin Tales

Topics: Earth, Native Americans in the United States, Evolution, United States / Pages: 3 (619 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2012
Origin Tales Paper “Origin tales both preserve and offer explanations of how something came into being.” So far, the most interesting writing works we have read- to me- were origin tales. They express passion of culture and belief. While reading origin tales, one can picture everything described. These types of stories have great imagery and are written or told with an undying passion you cannot help but envelope yourself in. How the World Was Made is a tale that explains the importance the Native American culture had on the creation of the world. In this tale, it explains the creation of the Appalachian Mountains’ valleys and high points due to the Great Buzzard. It says that when he was very tired and flapping his wings, he began to strike the ground. The impact of the Great Buzzard’s flapping wings created the valleys and mountains of the Appalachian Trail we see today. This tale displays the value of story-telling to the Native Americans. Pima was another origin tale we were assigned to read. This story starts off in a very dark place. This story was another spin on how the world was created, according to a different group of Native Americans. Pima starts off with the making of one single greasewood bush by an individual named Juhwertamahkai- and some ants- which created enough land for him to begin his formation of the rest of the world. This story has a trial and error type of development. Juhwertamahkai built and rebuilt parts of the world. He created and recreated the people to inhabit it by watching their behaviors and deciding how to make them better. The belief that he created the sun, the moon, stars, mountains, and people to fill his world is another Native American view of how the world has become what it is today. The importance of a supernatural being is extremely dominant in most origin tales, especially the select ones I have read. These supernatural beings are responsible for the creation of the earth’s structure and its

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