Organizational Psychology Paper

Topics: Organization, Psychology, Management Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Organizational Psychology Paper
Jennifer Hoban
Dr. William Anderson

This paper will examine organizational psychology. It will address what organizational psychology is. It will explain the role of research and statistics in organizational psychology. It will also describe how organizational psychology can be used in organizations. This field the methodology to understand the behavior of people while they are working in organizational setting. This paper will show how members of an organization will behave. It will also show that the way they behave has a huge impact on different aspects of their lives. Organizational psychology is the study of how individuals behave in groups in organizational settings. It also studies the behavior of these same individuals in individual settings. Organizations are structured and the job descriptions are typically what motivate an individual’s behavior. Organizational psychology is more for the formal organization. This however does not preclude any studies of informal organization or that process. Some informal friendships happen in informal settings and they have ties to formal organizations. These friendships are important to the employees. We know that psychology is the study of individual behavior and the mental processes. Organizational psychology uses a data-based approach to study and intervene in their organizations. They use that data-base to help them solve problems that may arise within their organization. This data can come from survey’s, responses, interviews, observations, and in the records. Many psychologist view the individual behavior as the most important factor. When looking at the organizational factors of psychology one needs to look at, how an individual is influenced, and by whom or what. An organization cannot behavior the people within the organization are the one’s behaving. To help with the definition of organizational psychology one needs to understand that it deals...
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