Term Paper on Organization Behavior

Topics: Motivation, Leadership, Psychology Pages: 11 (2251 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Term paper on Organization Behavior

Course No: EMIS-514/513

Course Title: Organization Behavior

Semester: summer 2010

Submitted To: Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdury
Professor, Department of MIS

Submitted by: M. M. Sharifuzzaman
Id No: 60917-10-011


I express a deep sense of gratitude to my honorable Course teacher Prof. M. A. Mannan Chowdhury for his valuable lectures, teaching approach and guidelines on Organizational Behavior which have guided me all over this course. I use departmental library to get recourses about this subject, which have direct me through easy way to prepare this paper. Some of my course mates have encouraged and suggested me how to prepare the term paper, special thanks to them.

Table of content

Name of ChapterPage No

1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior1

2. Motivational Needs and Processes4

3. Positive Organizational Behavior6

4. Managing Performance through Job Design and Goal Setting8

5. Groups and Teams10

6. Leadership Process and Styles, Activities and Skills12

7. Conclusion 14

Chapter 1: Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior:
The term organizational Behavior consists of two words, a. organization, b. behavior which gives the idea that the behavior is performed in organization is organizational Behavior. Behavior can be showed as the following a function of organism and Environment. B = f (O, E)

Behavior = f (organism, Environment)
Organizational Behavior can be defined as the understanding, predicting, and management of human behavior in organizations. The relationship of Organizational Behavior to other discipline: There are four closely related discipline in an organization those are a. Organizational Theory (OT), b. Organizational Behavior (OB), c. Organizational Development (OD), and d. Human Resource Management (HRM)

Organizational Development (OD)
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Organizational Theory
Organizational Behavior
Figure 1.1: The relationship of Organizational Behavior to other discipline Behavior to other discipline


Although figure 1.1 portrays the theoretical means of relating the four functions, in practical it does not means too much. As we need to have a base to learn organization and its function it’s an attempt to raise a base point. OT tends to more macro oriented than OB and more Theoretical than OD. OT topics are included in study and application of OB. On the other hand OD tends to be more Macro and more applied than OB. OB is more concerned about Micro environment than OT and more theoretical than HRM.HRM tends to have more focus on application of OB.

Theoretical framework of OB:
There are three theoretical frameworks of OB, which are a. Cognitive Framework, b. Behavioristic Framework, and c. Social Cognitive Frameworks. There frameworks are stated below:

Cognitive Framework

Cognitive approach emphasizes the positive and freewill aspects of human behavior and uses concepts such as expectancy, demand, and intention.  Cognition can be simply defined as the act of knowing an item of information.  In cognitive framework, cognitions precede behavior and constitute input into the person’s thinking, perception, problem solving, and information processing.

Behavioristic Framework
Pioneer behaviorists stressed the importance of studying observable behaviors instead of the elusive mind. Behaviorists’ used classical conditioning of stimulus and response (S-R) to explain the human behavior. A stimulus elicits a response. Some other behaviorists emphasize the R-S to explain the behavior. In R-S where there may have response, stimulus is waiting for that. The R-S theory has obtained by operant condition. Social Cognitive Framework

This framework helps the researchers’ to come in common platform from the...
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