Organizational Behavior

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Case Study 1

1. What did Dan mean?
Dan meant that Bernie cannot continue being the manager he desire to be because he is not doing well for the whole cafeteria. Bernie has different style of leading which is not matched with the previous manager’s approach. Since Bernie is somewhat on the “friendly approach” rather than the leadership style of Debra, the employees felt that Bernie will not reprimand them or order them. They felt that Bernie would always understand with their limitation. When Dan lit a cigarette in front of Bernie, I believe he was testing him because He wanted Bernie to do things more professionally to lead his employees and to separate the personal relationship he has with his subordinates from the professional side.

2. Why was Erma mad?
I think Erma got mad because she felt embarrassed towards Bernie when he helped her wash the lettuce. Since Erma is in a rank and file position she felt invaded or awkward because the manager is helping her in washing the lettuce.

3. What should Bernie do about Esther? About Erma? About Dan and the smoking, which is strictly against the rules? I think Bernie should talk to allthis employee one by one in a closed- door session and remind them of the policies that they should follow and if they would continue doing it again, he would distribute them a memo, where the rules and responsibility inside the cafeteria is a must.

4. Why isn’t Bernie able to maintain performance standards? Bernie did not maintain the performance standards because he was from the “rank and file” position, I think he doesn’t want his employees to feel that even if he achieved his position as a manager, he must not run the cafeteria as what Debra runs it. I felt that his “friendly approach” should be enough to hold his employees, though it did not work. 5. If you were Bernie’s supervisor, what advice would you have given him before he started on the job? What would you say to him now? If I were Bernie's supervisor, I would have advised him to take a step by step evaluation of the behavior of his employees and then Bernie needs to apply a professionalism in his work in order for the employees work in their efficiency, and apply a good managerial or leadership style for his employee. Bernie needs to distinguish the difference inside and outside the work environment. Inside the cafeteria he is a manager while outside the he is a good friend.

6. Do you think that Bernie’s supervisor is in any way to blame for Bernie’s predicament? No one is to blame. Bernie just need to understand his situation now, he is not anymore a worker, but a manager who must lead his employees. 7. What is Bernie doing when he takes Esther’s place on the line and helps Erna wash the lettuce? When Bernie did that, I think he is not doing his conceptual skills, I think Bernie is still adjusting to his work status as well as his duties and responsibility. In his action alone, he already disregards his position. As a manager he must act on his duties and responsibilities to oversee how the operation is moving, see to it that his people are doing their assigned jobs, and perform other tasks assigned by the upper management among others.

8. What is the fundamental principle of supervision involved in Bernie’s case? I think it is Team Management approach. Team Management can be learned but it takes time to master it since there are areas that has to be learned first. Since Bernie is a good follower, I do think he can be a good leader.

Good answers. Can make mention more of principles of leadership and management in our readings. 95%/NJC

Case Study 2

1. What kind of impression do you think Doris is making on the workers? Doris has created a negative impression to the workers. Doris is a manipulative person since she failed to understand the environment of the people she is...
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