Organizational Behavior

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Chapter 1 - The Field of Organizational Behavior

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pharmacia is an example of a company that:
a. experienced culture clashes as a result of a merger.
b. ignored technological advances to its harm.
c. is a great employer in terms of human resources, but an unprofitable company. d. focused on balance sheets rather than human resources. AnsweraPage2

2. _____ is a structured social system consisting of groups and individuals working together to meet some agreed-upon objective. a. An open system
b. An organization
c. A work team
d. Scientific management

3. Organizational behavior:
a. is a social science that examines people’s behavior in society, like physics or sociology. b. studies how organizations compete and applies that knowledge to improve the organization’s quality. c. is an intuitive, qualitative approach to the understanding of group behavior both on and off the job. d. is a discipline based in science that studies human behavior in organizations. AnswerdPage4

4. According to the definition, organizational behavior:
a. is firmly grounded in the scientific method.
b. focuses on the organization as a whole, and not the individual. c. considers the group-oriented approach of sociology, rather than the individual-oriented approach of psychology. d. All of the above.


5. All of the following are characteristics of the field of organizational behavior except: a. a basis for enhancing individual well-being.
b. a study of individuals, groups, and organizations.
c. a commitment to the scientific method.
d. a focus on qualitative, observational research.

6. John is looking at employee perceptions, attitudes, motives in order to improve worker productivity. John is conducting OB research at which level? a. Organizational
b. Group
c. Individual
d. None of these, this is not OB research.

7. When an OB specialist is looking at how an organization is structured and its operating environment and the effect these have on employee communication and coordination, he/she is conducting research at the _____ level of OB. a. Organizational

b. Group
c. Individual
d. None of these, this is not OB research.

8. The social science that relates to the OB topics of organizational culture and leadership is: a. anthropology.
b. sociology.
c. psychology.
d. political science.

9. The social science that contributed to organizational behavior the tools and perspective to examine conflict and power within an organization is: a. political science.
b. psychology.
c. sociology.
d. management science.

10. The management theory that views workers as self-motivating, interested in their work, having a need to achieve and be recognized, etc., is: a. Theory X.
b. Theory Y.
c. classical management theory.
d. scientific management theory.

11. A Theory Y supervisor would feel that:
a. people work best when left alone.
b. different people should be managed in different ways based on the situation. c. the only way to get people to work hard is to push them. d. people motivate themselves, all you need to do is give them some direction. Answer dPage6

12. _____ is self-sustaining through the conversion of external resources into organizational outputs. a. An open system
b. Organizational behavior research
c. An organization
d. Contingency management

13. The open systems model shows an organization doing its work or creating value in the ___ phase. a. input
b. transformation
c. output
d. technology

14. Which one of the following statements would be most likely made by a supervisor who endorses a contingency approach to management? a....
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