Organization Behavior and Communication Paper

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Organization behavior and communication paper|
Judy Blackman|
May 2, 2011
Robert Etter

Organization behavior 1

The organization that is the subject of this paper is Google. Even though Google is a worldwide organization it maintains a small organization feel. This is reflected in the organizational culture of Google. Google has various cafeterias where the employees eat together no matter what their position in the organization. Another part of the culture at Google is the commitment to innovation as an espoused value. It is believed that this is dependent upon the employees being comfortable in sharing their ideas and opinions. There is also access to management not common in a large organization like Google. This includes access to the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The dress code is also casual. Gyms are available where employees can go and take dance classes, work out or do yoga. Foosball, ping pong, pianos, and various video games are also available at the office complex. Employees share yurts, cubicles, and huddle rooms instead of solo offices. In fact there are very few solo offices at Google (Google, n.d.). As the espoused values and the enacted values of Google are studied there are instances of misalignment between them. There is a list of ten core values which Google uses to guide their actions. One of the values is “It’s best to do one thing really, really well.” The item that they say that they do really, really well is search. This is not aligned with their espoused values because of other services such as Gmail, Google Chrome, and Google map. A second of the values is “Focus on the user and all else will follow” (Google, n.d.). A third value listed is to be a great innovator. This is also misaligned with the enacted value of Google because in recent...
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