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Structure (Background)
Organizations are complex structures with a vast variety of people and systems that function together to achieve a common goal. As a result, the task of analzying making sense of them prove to be quite difficult. Organizational metaphors can be used to further analyze and understand organizations (Alvesson, 2011). In this assignment, we will be taking a closer look at a multinational enterprise, The Coffee Bean & Tea Life (CB&TL), using the aid of two selected metaphors which are Organizations as Machines as well as Organizations as Cultures. The metaphors of Organizations as Machines help to analyze the workings of The CB&TL with the guide of Taylor’s theory of Scientific Management and Weber’s Ideal Bureaucracy Theory. Not only that, we will also be using the metaphor of Machines as Cultures with the help of corporate culture and cultural continuum theories. Specialized coffee has become all the rage nowadays with coffee shops opening left right and center. However, it all started with the very first few entrepreneur who made the coffee industry what it is today. One of these entrepreneur was a man named Herb Hyman who brought the concept of a specialized coffee to America after visiting Europe. He opened his first coffee shop in Los Angeles California and called it The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CB&TL) in 1963 (FranchisePool.Org, n.d.). He later then expanded his business throughout to cover most of the United States and later moved on to neighboring countries. In 1996, The CB&TL expanded their market opportunities in Asia by opening its first franchise in Singapore. The CB&TL now has established corporate headquarters in several locations around the globe including Los Angeles, California, Singapore and Malaysia (FranchisePool.Org, n.d.). The CB&TL have received many competition over the past several decades from close competitors such as Starbucks and Coffee Jean, but they remain key players in their industry with a 39% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (cagr) and over 500 stores operated located around the world (FranchisePool.Org, n.d.).. This organization is unique in comparison thanks to their mission which is to begin every store by inspiring and motivating all team members so they are better equipped to produce quality service to all CB&TL customers. It is also world renown for its unique coffee blends and its signature Ice Blended drinks. Organization as machine

The metaphor machine in organizational studies can be defined as an entity that is very controllable and standardized which enables an organization to be efficient, specialized and logical. This works very well in a stable environment as the organization can find the best method to operate in and be ensured that there will be no unexpected factors that could interrupt its smooth operations. To better explain this metaphor, two theories which are Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management and Weber’s Ideal Bureaucracy will be used. In Taylor’s Scientific Management, there are a few principles that need to be looked at which will derive the essence of it. Taylor’s argued that there is a method to find the best way of doing things, which is by means of using a scientific method to study the motions of workers when doing their job (Blake and Moseley, 2010). Steps that were unnecessary and wasted time were taken out. For instance, instead of manual counting stock for a grocery store, bar codes were used to keep a better record of items. This saves enormous time from the tedious task of keeping track of stock as well as it being more accurate while saving cost. However, there are very rigid rules and a high level of standardization which does not allow room for change that comes with this method but in exchange it does provide high quality and control. It is crucial for work that requires extensive repetition to have a certain degree of quality and control to ensure customer satisfaction (Pane Haden,...
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