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Hemanth Reddy ASSIGNMENTS MBA - I SEMESTER SET 1 Business Communication 1. Describe any situation in your experience where the communication was a failure. Analyze the barrier(s) which stood in the way of successful communication. Explain how you would overcome the barrier(s). Ans. Situation in which I was involved ,where the communication went wrong. As a Project Head, I convened a meeting of site engineers and site supervisors and I send a communication that is intended to be received by them. I have sent the following communication to my sub ordinates through a notice and displayed on the office notice board Coming Thursday, to complete our project targets for the month a review meeting is arranged and all should attend. If anybody is not able to attend should find out the contents of the meeting from their peers with out fail. But my communication went wrong and out of 12 sub ordinates, only four have attended at 3.00 PM who checked with me the time of the meeting. Barriers that stood on the way of my communication 1. The Channel I have chosen did not ensure the receipt of the communication by Receivers. 2. The communication lacked the Chronological context---- Thursday being a half-day work in this part of Middle East. 3. The communication has created a Psychological noise by not mentioning correct time of the meeting and confusion has been created. 4. The social context also is one of the cause for the failure of the communication as I have not taken all my executives into confident by giving any advance information or a intention of the meeting earlier 5.I didnt planned the meeting date very early, so that everybody can communicate and know about it. I can rectify these barriers in my future communication by rectifying my mistakes as follows a. My communication was unclear by not giving exact time of meeting. b. The media I have used is the placing the notice on the notice board, instead had I circulated to all the receivers and obtained their signatures by asking their availability or feed back my communication would not have failed. c. I have chosen a wrong day ---a half working day, though the task was a routine one. d. I could have maintained more good relations with my sub ordinates for success of my communication. 2. Select an article of around 200 words from any business publication. Analyze the readability of the article using the Fog Index. Is the reading level appropriate for the reader of the publication Ans. This is an article published in The New York times-Business edition on Oct-30,20009 WASHINGTON (Reuters) Consumer spending in the United States fell in September for the first time in five months as the increase from the cash-for-clunkers auto rebate program faded, data showed on Friday, adding to fears that consumers may be pulling back as they head into the last quarter of the year. HYPERLINK http// l secondParagraphsecondParagraph Skip to next paragraph The Commerce Department said spending fell 0.5 percent, the largest decline since December, after an upwardly revised 1.4 percent increase in August. Consumer spending in August was previously reported to have advanced 1.3 percent. Septembers decline was in line with expectations. Consumer spending, which normally accounts for over two-thirds of economic activity, in August was bolstered by the popular cash-for-clunkers program that gave discounts on some new motor vehicle purchases. The program, which ended in August, contributed to a jump in consumer spending in the third quarter and helped to pull the economy out of its worst HYPERLINK http// o More articles about the recession. recession since the 1930s. Spending adjusted for inflation fell 0.6 percent in September,...
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