organisation structure

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6.1 The organization structure
The organization structure refers to the ways in which the organization’s activities are divided, grouped, and coordinated between managers and employees. The structure is based on the organizational design and has to be appropriate to the strategy of the organization Cream Dream is a small business concern at present. It has a very limited line of products and needs to make efficient use of its resources. Based on its size and product offerings, the organization will adopt functional organization structure, which is the most basic and logical form of structure. The structure will provide a slim management structure. There is one Managing Director who is also being responsible for financial aspect of the business. There are one general manager who is responsible for will look into administration, marketing side and human resource .In Cream Dream, the senior-ranking managers are responsible for the operations of the entire organization. The chain of command is being maintain, that is who reports to whom. This will ensure better supervision of the employees through proper guidance and control.

Competitive Edge
Our competitive edge is our unique niche in an old market.  Although restaurants, cafes, bakeries, ice cream shops, etc have an established position in the marketplace, none are quite like Rutabaga Sweets.  We are offering the customers a completely new experience and far higher quality product.  No where else will they find a professional  chef preparing gourmet desserts right in front of them.  The amazing popularity of the Food Network is proof of the public's new-found interest in being a spectator in the kitchen.

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Our competition will be more varied. Since this is the first combination of a convenience store and ice cream/soda shop, competition will result from two areas. 1. Convenience stores- This competition will be from national franchises that have established convenience stores in or near Bend, Oregon. Although they will focus more on the in-and-out customer, we will be able to provide the same speed with better quality and service. 2. Ice cream/soda shops- One such store exists currently in Bend. While they have a strong customer base, we will be able to break into the market due to our prime location near the OSU campus and the variety of products and services that can be attained at one place. 3. Coffee shops- There are many coffee shops that offer a place for reading or studying. However, The Coffee Break will focus on providing gourmet coffee for those needing to continue on with their day. We feel that great coffee should not be available only for those who want to stay and mingle. Our coffee will soon be a recognized as a known standard for campus drinks, especially since there are no other nearby coffee shops for those on campus.

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Competitive Edge
Convenience stores are nothing new and can frequently be found is towns and cities. Location and demand are essential to be successful and profitable. The Coffee Break's location will be a large factor to it's success. Often, students do not want to travel distances between classes or during their scheduled day. We will be able to facilitate their needs at a great convenience, while still providing exceptional quality. Also, our location will be easily accessible for those who are traveling to Mount Bachelor or other outdoor recreation areas. The Coffee Break will not only offer convenience, but good quality foods and goods. We'll offer a feeling of nostalgia by operating a soda fountain and ice cream extension to the basic convenience store. We will also will provide high quality beverages, including a small coffee bar. Unlike other convenience stores, we will...
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