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Case Analysis
Craig Pitchell Elected president
Miaowei Zhang
[How have Craig Pitchell already done to build up his credibility leading to the November 9th meeting? What do Craig Pitchell still need to do before the meeting to ensure it goes well? What will Craig Pitchell say in his presentation at the meeting to persuade members to change the board?]

I am Craig Pitchell in this case analysis.
Question 1.
How have you (Craig Pitchell) already done to build up your credibility leading to the November 9th meeting? I have a two-years-old son and a four-years-old daughter. Because I am younger than most of the parents with children at Maple Creek. I became a member of the co-operative that was my first foray into community involvement. When I became a member of the co-operative, I discovered Maple Creek’s revenues has been declining, because the centre dwindling enrollment. But staffing costs were not decreasing. Sometimes, the centre needed to repair and needed freshening up. I heard some teachers and the staff was very dissatisfied with the members of board did not comply with the bylaws. So I copy the Centre’s bylaws, the Co-operative Corporations Act and the CICA Accounting Handbook. When a teacher told me the board will upcoming vacancy. I conversations with some parents when they were picking up and dropping off their children. I hope them could support me to be president of the board. I found many boards were corporate board, they were very complacent when they acted their responsibilities, so I called them “rubber-stamp”. The board discovered me and wanted stopped me to elected president. They shuffled their pots. But I want to solve all the problem, so I do not have to retreat. In order to get the support of parents, I had conversations with some parents when they picked up their children. In order to get to support staff, I talk to other five staff. But just three stuff member support me. I participated in two...
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