Association Football and Davies Middle School

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For me to be a member of the National Juniors Honors Society would be an amazing privilege. I believe I should be accepted because I am dedicated and passionate about my activities inside and outside of school. Also I will bring strong leadership as well as teamwork skills to NJHS. I am always looking for new ways to help people even in the smallest of things. Lastly, I have received many recognition awards and commendations. I think these qualities will make me an excellent member of the National Junior Honor Society here at William Davies Middle School.

One of my biggest passions is my soccer team, the Hamilton Shock. I have been playing soccer for a little over a year and a half and I love it. We work together not only as a team but like a family through our losses and wins. All we have done is improve. They have helped me become a better soccer player and we have become an excellent team with my optimism and teamwork. Another activity that I am involved with in school is S.W.A.T or Students Working to Advance Technology. We work together to come up with new ways to inform our student body about the events going on at Davies. We are always helping each other with new ideas like our Davies “App” that we are currently working on. In the end our projects always come together.

My biggest community activity is for Special Olympics of New Jersey. My family and I attend many of the events for SONJ including the Summer Games. I started volunteering by working and playing with the athletes. The area we staffed was where the athletes came to take a break and play with carnival-like games. The ages ranged from little kids to adults. It was fun putting smiles on their faces when you told them they won! It showed me we aren’t any different than them. They still like to do sports and have fun. They love to win prizes as do we. They just have disabilities that make them special. Over all volunteering for SONJ is a fantastic experience and in my opinion every boy...
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