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Chapter 1
The Problem and It’s Background
Student Information System (SIS) is a web-base application soft ware designed to introduce a conducive and structured information. Exchange environment for integrating student, parents, teachers and administration of school or college (Ajhay 8). On the contrary, Manual Registration means that people are required or using physical skills and energy and worked or by hand and not by machine. The difference of these two kinds of registration are: before computer technology is not yet popular then that’s school or colleges are using manual registration. The students who undergo in enrollment procedure, which is very inconvenient, and hassle on the part of the student and of the enrollment staff as well. Here they need a lot of efforts to finish the steps that need to be done in a specific time. Steps are like filling up an application forms, falling in line passing it to a certain personnel and more. In addition, manual registration is time consumable and costly by means of transportation and other expenses. But now a days, with modern technology, it’s makes student’s life simple in many ways. In other college and university, like Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) they are already implementing this kind of system, for the easy and convenient of the student the system provides for students the option register courses, without the advisor`s prior approval, offered by their colleges during the scheduled registration periods. In this, the students can modify their course selection by adding and for dropping courses.

Background of the Study
The purpose of the topic is to know what is more efficient, effective and convenient way on how student can enroll. In these days, time, effort and money are such vital things that have to be use very efficiently to have a satisfactory outcome whatever work is to be done. Many student encountered lots of problem on how to enroll in their school, they get confuse on what is convenient when it comes in registration. Some people prepare manual than online registration because for their different reasons and vice versa. This research will know which more is, likely to use of students community. The main reason of choosing this study is to help our fellow students to choose what is the best way to be enrolled. Sub-reason is not to lose their time, effort and money in registering in their schools. We also come up to this idea because in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students are undergoing in online registration unlike in our former schools, which uses the manual registration. Since we are freshmen of this school, we first encounter online registration and we are confused using online registration (SIS). This research will help us and other students to know which is better, the manual or the online registration. This will also serve as our guide to choose which kind of system we will going to use in our next enrollment. Significance of the Study

This research is important because it will provide convenience to the student who will undergo registration process. It will help them to choose which is the easiest way to enroll is and will also help them to decide which system of registration they will use.

Statement of the Problem
The research that we will conduct, will let us to find out what is most efficient, effective and convenient way to register by the students of Bachelor in Cooperatives, Polytechnic University of the Philippines of SY 2013-2014

This study will let us to the answer to the following research questions. 1. Manual Registration advantage and disadvantage
1.1. Is it costly?
1.2. Is it time bound?
1.3. Is it accessible?
1.4. Is it time consuming?
1.5. Is it reliable?
2. Online Registration advantage and disadvantage
2.1. Is it costly?
2.2. Is it time bound?
2.3. Is it accessible?
2.4. Is it time consuming?
2.5. It is reliable

Scope and Limitation
This study seeks which is...
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