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As of now, many schools are still using a manual Registration System. Checking the record list of the student already registered manually is one of the problem due to lack of time managing. One of the school encountered this kind of problem is Christ the King College of Angono which has a lot of process to be done before a student get registered.

This research target is to recommend an enhanced information system to be used by the “Registration”, and we the Asian Institute of Computer Studies Computer Analysts has created an automated Registration System to provide them a system technology that can help them to facilitate and organize process for each of their information. SCHOOL BACKGROUND AND ITS PROFILE

Christ the King College of Angono , Inc (formerly Munting Hiyas Learning Center and Lamar Academy) was founded on March 1983. It started as a pre-school that offered Nursery and Kindergarten course. During its first year of operation, it had 41 pupils. The following year, during the school year 1984-1985, under a government permit offered Grade 1 of the elementary course. Grades 2 and 3 were offered in the school year 1986-1987. In the school year 1987-1988, it offered a complete elementary course and was duly recognized by the government under recognition S-011 1987, dated 21 October 1987, for the elementary course and recognition E-011 s. 1987, also dated 21 October 1987, for the elementary course. The recognition of the two courses were effected only after CKCA has been duly incorporated under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration No. 144448 dated 25 February 2001.

CKCA is a non-stock, non profit, family corporation. The corporation is being managed by the following school officials: Ms. Carissa B. Lamar, Ms. Zenaida M. Bello, and Ms. Remedios S. Bautista.

In June 1988, CKCA ws given a permit to operate the first year level of the high school course. In June 1989, it offered second year lever high school course in SY 1990 – 1991. The government recognition to operate a complete secondary course was granted on 05 February 1991 under government Recognition No. 009 s. 1991. In 1993, the Technical Vocational College was established. It was recognized by the government in 1993, under Government Recognition No. TV-R 013 s. 1993 issued on 07 May 1993. The following Technical/Vocational courses are offered: Office Management with Computer, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Electrical Technology, Automotive Technology, Civil Technology, and Computer Education.

After 30 years of operation, CKCA is proud to note that it is considered as one of the top 10 schools in the province of Rizal as far as quality education is concerned. The following are some of its major accomplishment and achievement, to wit: Outstanding Academic Achievements

1. CKCA High School is one of the top 10 schools in the Rizal Province on the basis of its NSAT performances. It garnered 2nd place in 1994; 2. In 1995, its High School Quiz Bee team garnered the championship trophy for being the 1st in the “Brain Storm” competition (Math, Science, and General Information) among the schools in the Rizal Province; 3. In the Philippine Math Olympiad Competition, Division Level, CKCA is always one of the best 5 schools. It placed 2nd in 1996, 3rd in 1998. And 4th in 1999; 4. During the Regional Math and Science Competition (50 participating schools) held in UP-Los Banos in 1997 and 1998, CKCA placed number 5; 5. During the RIPRISA Academic Competition, CKCA garnered 3rd place; 6. CKCA Math Team got 3rd place in the Damath and Mathematics competition in January 2000; 7. CKCA was one of the finalists in the LG TV Quiz contest, Sept. 2000; 8. Most Outstanding Science and Math Teaching Demonstration, Batangas City, June 2000; 9. Most Outstanding High School Science and Math Curriculum, Batangas City, June 2000; and 10. Math Team was one of the top 10 participants in the “Damath...
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