Networked Based Registration System

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Introduction One of the biggest machine that makes mankind developed its technology is Computer, it makes many physical forms. Early electronic computers were the size of a large room, consuming as much power as several hundred modem personal computers and were nowhere near as advanced. Today, computers can be made small enough to fit into a wrist watch and be powered from a watch battery. Society has become to recognize personal computers and their portable equivalent; they are what most people think of as a computer. However, the most common form of computer in use today is by far to the control other devices; they may be found in machines raging from fighter aircraft to industrial robots, digital cameras, etc. It is a big help to mankind to make work easier, and faster to comfort people.

The Registration System of the Company process is done manually. To a handful of registries, it seems so simple, but during the registration period where thousands of students are lining up for the registration process, the manual system becomes a hindrance to a fast but if we will use the computerized and network-based system this manual system will be more faster and makes the job easy and clean.

Network Based System is composed of multiple computers connected together using a telecommunication system for the purpose of sharing data, resources and communication. It is a communication between computer system and devices. Users and network administrators often have different views of their networks. User’s shares geographic location. A community of interest has less of a connotation of being in a local area, and should be thought of as a set of arbitrarily located users who share a set of servers, and possibly also communicate via peer to peer technologies. The Proposed Network-Based Registration System composed of the login form for the users, to detect who is the one concern to the registration of the student, another

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