Topics: Technology, Science, Mathematics Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: October 15, 2013

Title: Online Enrollment and Information Management System for St. Constantine Institute of Science and Technology Researcher: Mark S. Herrero

Lemuel Howell S. Bayer

Gladies R. Cerda

King Marvin R. Claudio

Paul John M. Lopez

Degree:Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Institution:St. Constantine Institute of Science and Technology Year:2013
Adviser:Mr. Herbert B. Semana

The Problem
The St. Constantine Institute of Science and Technology is using a manual system for their enrollment facility. The accuracies of information were minimal,—but the possibility of encountering a more difficulties and tedious task was still at hand. One of the problems that the institution would like to include in the study was the lack of manpower in the accounting department. In the accounting office or the cashier, St. Constantine Institute of Science and Technology only had two personnel to accommodate the students during the payment of fees for their enrollment. The school had a hard time in accommodating those numbered of students, and that made it hard for other students to wait .Another problem of the school was the generation of forms. The students needed to fill-up the student information slip and three (3) copies of the registration forms for the copy and record of the accounting office, the registrar and for the student themselves. Students were consuming a lot of time in doing such. Since the students are manually filling-up the official documents of the school, data redundancy has a great possibility in causing further complexity in the enrollment process .An added problem was that when the students were getting their subjects and schedule for the semester, the students had to refer to the bulletin boards for the available subjects, schedule, and slots. Since the said information was posted, it would only mean that the updates were not monitored effectively. To keep the students updated at all times,...
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