Student Information System

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Project Title: ACES Information System

Kalinga- Apayao State College originated from Kalinga Community College formerly known as Kalinga Community College of Trades and Industries (KCCTI), which offers purely vocational courses. As year passes KASC offers other courses.

In the year 2011, Association of Computer Engineering Students was organized. And, in the following year ACES has its By Laws and Constitution and ACES was approved by DSSA to be one of KASC’s official organization. The objectives of this proposed system “ACES Information System is: •To make the application of ACES Information System usable for computer engineering instructors.

To access the students records and get the desired information.

To automate the existing system of manual operation and maintain the records of the ACES, students’ details, attendance details, etc.

To give information about the computer engineering students and to make it easier to access.

The proposed system aimed to benefit the school in securing the information about the computer engineering students, maintain students details, handling students list.
A student information system (SIS) is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. Therefore, the Computer Engineering students will be benefited by this project, and for the instructors to access the names, lists and information of the computer engineering students easier.

The proposed system aims to answer the following questions: 1.How can these ACES Information System helps instructors access easier the list and information about the Computer Engineering students? -To find out how the ACES Information System helps the instructors to access easier the list and information of the Computer Engineering students.

2.Is the propose system can really make solution to these problems? -To determine how the propose system can make solution to the existing problem. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION:
ACES information system is one of the applications to make usable for the Computer engineering instructors, and access students records and get the desired information about the Computer Engineering students. The said records and information includes the name, birth date, address, ID number, and the guardians to be contact in case of emergency. And it also includes the list of the students enrolled from first year to fifth year per semester. And the desired information can be printed out. The picture of the students, their grades, subjects and schedules are not included in this system. These propose system is just for the purpose of project not to be implemented.

In this chapter it presents the related literatures of the proposed system, ACES Information System here in the Philippines and outside the country. The related literatures are as follows: FORIEGN LITERATURE:

MIT (2009) gave emphasis that Student Information System (SIS) provides students with access to their academic and biographic records as well as the ability to update their address information and pre-register for classes; it provides instructors and departmental administrators with class list information; and provides advisors and departments with access to the individual academic records of their students. Therefore, SIS is an integrated approach in acquiring, storing, analyzing and controlling the flow of student data throughout the institution. Highly developed SIS can be useful in nearly all institutional departments’ functions and can greatly increase efficiency and response times of traditional labor and time-intensive processing of student data.

According to Desousa (2008), Web based application have four core benefits. These are the following: (1) Compatibility. Web based applications are far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software like web browsers;...
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