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Product catalogs are basically created to provide manufacturers and suppliers, with a platform to present their products and services efficiently to the online audience. These product catalogs are fast gaining popularity as they are the most cost-effective medium of advertising online, besides being one of the most successful. However, just displaying a product catalog would not help a business sell its products and services. It has to be attractive, with organized information as well. An organized, appealing and well-formatted product catalog is more likely to make an impact than a plain one with inadequate details. Products catalogs are used in various ways by businesses across the globe like:

• Product catalogs can be displayed on the company’s website or online store. The visitors can visit the website and look through the range of products offered by the company. • The product catalogs can be sent to the business directories where they can be accessed by wholesalers and retailers from different parts of the world. • The product catalogs can be emailed to prospective buyers in the form of an e-mail marketing tool. 1.2OBJECTIVES

Since this research is aimed at computerizing the manual product catalogue of PZ Cussons, Nigeria Plc, it is expected that the new online product catalogue offer some benefits that the manual one could not offer, these benefits forms the objectives of this research work Using a product catalog is extremely beneficial for a business. Some of the objectives of this new system are: • The main aim of any business is to create sales. As product catalogs display information about products and services of a company, it will help in creating sales orders easily • The visitors and prospective buyers can use product catalogs as effective search tools. These product catalogs are accessible at online business directories. Here, the prospective buyers can search through them and choose the product or service of their choice and instantly place an order. • These product catalogs should help the buyers to acquire updated price quotations. It saves them the time and trouble of calling the seller’s office and enquiring about the price 1.3SCOPEOF THE STUDY

This project work is not intended to cover all the products available or produced by PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc, it will therefore cover some of the products under the following categories: • Laundry Quality Soaps

• Detergents (Powder)
• Detergents (Liquid)
• Antiseptic (Liquid)
• Liquid Air Freshener
• Toilet Soaps
• Drinks & Beverages

Before now, PZ Cussons, Nigeria Plc, have been making use of printed product catalogues without images, this method or system requires that customers or prospective buyers visits the nearest depot before any transaction of whatsoever is made. But with the online product catalogues, there is no doubt that product catalogues are very beneficial in online media advertising. Using product catalogs has emerged as the surest way of promoting your products, services and business for making profits and establishing your business in the competition

Some of the constraints encountered during the research and data collections hindered this project work from spanning and cutting across all the products produced by the company, therefore this project did not include: • Other categories of products produced by PZ Cussons, Nigeria Plc • Electronic payment system due to cost of implementation • The capability of emailing the product catalogues to prospective customers or buyers

• Product
• Catalogue
• Electronic payment system
• Online
• System
• Email
• Online audience
• Information
• Product description
• Packaging
• Code number
• Quantity
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