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The Indian tourism industry is growing at a fast pace. This growth has immensely benefited another sector – the hotel industry. This benefit to hotel industry have led to the conception of Hotel Management. As the interaction of tourist to the hotel increased this have led to the further development of an Online Hotel Management. The website which deals with the easy online reservation of rooms in a hotel for audience who have basic computer knowledge are known as Hotel Management Website’s. Which provide an easy solution for an online customer who can now by sitting at home can book a room of his choice. Online hotel management system provide user a greater details of room availability, contact information, latest offer and much more on few clicks. It save’s a lot of time which in traditional way was consumed for booking, looking and for checking availability. The project consist of various modules which are as follows. Booking Module:

Room availability.
Offer check.
Login system.
Feedback Module:
Feedback Mechanism
Contact Module:
Online Google Map API.
Still maps for offline customer.

The central objective of Online Hotel Management (OHM) is to provide online mechanism for booking rooms in hotel. In previous system (i.e. Manual System), customers have to go out looking for the hotel to book a room for him. This was expensive and very time consuming process. Now since the advancement in technology a user (i.e. customer) can book a rooms in hotel by sitting at home online.

Problem Definition
The aim is to develop software, which can manage and keep record of the hotel. The existing system was manual. Computerized reservation technology enables the customer to select a rooms without going to hotel and he can make transactions online through internet. Thus, the customer can save so much time

System Requirement
Operating system:Almost any operating system having browser. Browser:Any browser with HTML 5 support (Chrome Recommended). Modem:32kbps and above (LAN Card)

If still getting any problem in browsing pages try one of the following solution below: •Enable JavaScript/ Cookies/ Images in your browser.
Run browser in safe mode (i.e. Add-on Disabled).
Update your browser to its latest version.
Use “Chrome” recommended cause its support for HTML 5, which is better than other browser.  
Technology Used
Front End:HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery.
Back End:MySQL
Script:PHP (Server), AJAX, JavaScript (Client).
Web Server:Apache Tomcat

Why HTML 5?
1.HTML5 is becoming a new standard:
But why is it so good? What does it all mean? More importantly, why does it matter? There are a couple of factors that explain this. First of all, it is very rapidly becoming a standard. Developers want to use HTML5 which in return makes it all the more popular and the driving force for it to be here to stay is strong. Modern browsers all support HTML5 allowing developers to use all the new and exciting features it offers in order to create more dynamic end results. It doesn’t matter if you create a new plugin, an UI mobile framework, or a new fancy carousel – your developer wants to do it in HTML5. And if you are a developer – you want to, or should want to, do it in HTML5 2.HTML5 is faster and cheaper

What’s the main reason industry wants to support HTML5? It reduces development time. By focusing on latest browsers and not being hold up on old ones (while providing graceful content degradation) developers can focus on writing functionalities that work, look good, while using latest tools. This makes whole process quick and very rewarding for the developers themselves. 3.HTML5 is modern

Next to HTML5 stands another awesome new tech – CSS3. Often, when using the term HTML5 it is assumed that CSS3 is included in the definition. What’s so awesome about CSS3? Well, like HTML5 it is a new iteration of CSS specification including modern browser support for visual...
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