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Topics: Full-time, Distance education, Student Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The tremendous advance in technology has changed our life in many aspects. One of these aspects is online education and also called electronic learning. Online education is derived from distance education that was founded a long time ago. Online education opens new horizons for ambitious students who want to achieve higher goalsin education but their financial or other circumstances prevent them from obtaining this goal. The advantages of online education have persuaded many students to enroll in online programs to pursue their education. On the other hand, there are disadvantages that undeniably hinder online education. Online education evolved from distance learning that was established about 100 years ago. The earliest form of distance education was conducted through letters which took a long time back and forth. After that it changed into a form of radio broadcasting. In more recent times, online education took off due to the tremendous advance of communication. Many scientists gave different definitions for online education but all of them agree on the main concept which is to obtain education or training without the student needing to be physically present. There are convenient factors of online education that have attracted a lot of students. One of these advantages is flexibility that enables students to take their lessons whenever and wherever they want. This valuable feature gives the students who have a full time job time to pursue their education in their free time without affecting their jobs. The second advantage is the choices that are offered to the students, each student has the freedom to study in any university he wishes. It does not matter where the university is. Each university is reachable by online education. The third advantage is all of the lessons are recorded. Students can repeat the lessons as many times as they wish if they do not understand. If the students have any inquires or they need further explanations, they can email their...
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