Traditional vs Online Education

Topics: Education, Virtual learning environment, History of education Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: April 17, 2012
In today’s rapidly evolving society both traditional and online education are viable options for Anyone who wants to further their education. Many of the learning institutions are offering online Courses vs. traditional education. Students who are full time employees with time constraints may be drawn to online education and some students may prefer a traditional education which offers a more rigid format of set times. There are several things that should be considered such as cost difference, flexibility and learning styles. When considering to return to college, especially for adults, there are many pro & cons that one needs to consider. Many adults who may be thinking about going back to school might find online classes more attractive. However, the cost of returning to school may be something that would hold them back from their educational goals. The tuition rates can vary widely depending on the institution you would like to attend. From a community college to a major university, the cost can range from a few thousand to over twenty thousand depending on what degree you are trying to obtain. The tuition rates may be similar inrange between traditional and online, often the savings can be seen on the periphery. Online courses do not require a lab or equipment fees, but traditional learning does. Online students do not have to worry about travel expenses, where as students who shoes traditional education have spend money to travel back and forth to school. Another thing that traditional students have to pay for is student housing in relation to the school, the cost of mileage, gas, and or commuting expenses, also for the cost of food while away from home. Online students do not have to pay for fuel and they can prepare something to eat in their own home and then return to their computer. A traditional school also has an added cost to maintain the facilities and the overhead of the campus, while an online school does not have this added cost. When...
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