Online vs. Traditional Education

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Online vs. Traditional Education

By Jessica C. Shutiva

Throughout the development of education, a popular choice has come into existence that seems to be a choice among many individuals seeking to advance their knowledge, online education. The following paragraphs take a deeper look at the compare and contrast of online vs. traditional education and what each has to offer. Whether pursuing an online or traditional education, students can be sure they are receiving the same education.

When you think of the word education, the first thought that comes to mind about this is, classrooms, books, fellow students, a teacher and an institution. Here, is where it becomes known as an individual receiving a traditional education within schools, colleges, and universities. As the population of the world increases, so too does the competition of landing the utmost perfect job that will better provide a satisfactorily productive life for individuals and families in a competitive job market world. Individuals are now given a choice that best suits their needs, and fits their lifestyles no matter what the age. While many would choose to remain with the traditional education environment, because of concerns they may not get much from an online education, the ever popular online education trend is growing. An individual who is looking to become a future student will take a good look in comparison of each setting, rules and regulations, and the learning skills each provide, and then decide what will best meet their current lifestyle and preferences. For example, an individual who is older than your normal college age level of 18-25, is a full time employee, and has a family to support; it may be best suited for this individual to look into an online education. The learning development differentiates within each individual, how that individual feels they learn best will also determine their choice of how...
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