On the Job Training

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Part I


On the Job Trainee (OJT) is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized and conducted at the employee’s worksite. OJT will generally be the primary method used for broadening employee skills and increasing productivity. It is particularly appropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employee’s job, especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn and require locally owned equipment and facilities.

OJT is dependent upon the trainer having sufficient knowledge and expertise to impart to the trainee. OJT is important and the quality of OJT can be considerable improved through effective design.

Advantage of OJT:

• Training can be delivered at the optimum time: for example immediately before a job is to be performed a real in the workplace.

• The trainee will have the opportunities to practice immediately.

• The trainee will have immediate feedback.

• Training is delivered by colleagues and go someway to integrate the trainee into the team.

Disadvantage of OJT:

• As a trainee we don’t know if all the knowledge that we earned can be suite to our future work.



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