Red Lobster

Topics: Lobster, Restaurant, Crustacean Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Sepideh Bayani
English 135

Where does someone usually go when they are craving seafood? For those who live near the beach in an area with a large seafood company, there are often many restaurants that provide to the needs of those who love seafood. For everyone else, seafood restaurants are often not as plenteous as the seafood lover would like. But there is one chain restaurant that is all over the country in hundreds of cities big and small. That restaurant is Red Lobster, the largest full- service seafood restaurant chain in the USA; I will be analyzing and reviewing this restaurant. Although Red Lobster might be far from where you live; but their customer service, amazing atmosphere and delicious seafood is worth the trip.

One thing about Red Lobster the prices could be high, but they treat you well. Waiters come back to your table constantly and they are always ready to refill your drink, without having to ask. If it is Friday or Saturday night, it can take time to get your food served because it gets very busy. Overall, I love the service. Red Lobster has a very relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant has many seats available for customers so that the waiting line is not so long. The seating area is usually blue and red which gives you the feeling you are at sea, while enjoying your divine flavorful lobster. They also have a huge tank with live lobsters near the entrance, which reminds you of the ocean (and it’s fun to watch them move while waiting). This is a great place to go on a date. If your date does not like seafood they have the option to choose tender chicken or juicy steak. This restaurant is also a great way to get messy and break the ice between the two of you. Order the one pound crab and start cracking the tough outside of the crab to get to the meat. This can be a lot of fun, and getting messy with your meal around people you hardly know can create comfortable vibe. My favorite is the one pound crab, with the buttery sauce on...
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