On the Job Training

Topics: Employment, Knowledge, Training Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: July 23, 2013
Objective of the OJT Program

The objective of On-Job-training (OJT) is directly related to the teaching learning experiences and should help the student to: 1.Enhance their knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom in order to become more responsive to the demands of Information Technology (IT) Profession. 2.Develop the value of professionalism, love of work and commitment to people they serve. 3.Apply the relevant theories of IT Profession and Code of Ethics into practice. 4.Feel and experience the actual world of work in computerized services. On the job Training are part of a college curriculum that aims to train and orient students about the work and their future career. OJT is very important not only to teach students their chosen career but to show students the reality about working.

On the Job Training is very important and should not be taken for granted, here’s why: •Aside from the high evaluation grade that you will receive from the employer, the employer may absorbed or offer you a job after graduation. •Your background OJT experience is very important when applying a job. Employers often asked about the OJT experience and how it is related on the job that you are applying for. •The OJT experience that you have can land you a great job. Especially in Media related jobs, most employers often asked and require an OJT experience from a media company. For instance, a news writer who is applying in a TV Network has great advantage if he/she has an OJT experience in a Media company like TV, Radio or Publishing. •Your superior in the company that you are working for as an OJT may recommend your skills to the company affiliates or to other company that he/she knows. •OJT will be your training ground. If you still have no idea on what is meant to be a worker, OJT will give you at least 10% of career realities. •The company that you are currently applying in often makes a background check to successful applicants. If you have included your...
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