Narative Report for Tourism Students Ojt

Topics: Training, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Skill Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: May 20, 2013
On- the – Job Training (OJT) is the most old, common but effective way to train every individual student in order to enhance their skills, knowledge and not only to their actual skills but also to their mental and physical abilities. For there to be able to know their strength and weaknesses, and their social ability to communicate to their co-workers/co-trainees and especially if they doing so their given task and if they also follow the rules and regulations of the company that they are working with. These are the feeling when you entered to a life on an on-the Job Training (OJT) trainee mixed up emotions like excited and confuse. Back from the start like I were a newbie entering the tertiary level. I am so excited because I will meet new friends, classmates, and new professors. And also I am excited because this is the last level of my educational career. Like the first time I’ll go on my training I am so nervous nor excited, I am nervous because I don’t have any experience in working on the travel agencies and also I don’t know how to do their job, I am excited because I know in this training I will gain a lot of knowledge and skills on booking, reconfirmation, and extended on the visa of the customer/passenger. Working on the travel agencies thought me lot things, how to communicate to the customer/passenger, the right way of answering the call, and how to fix the problem without help of others. My on-the-job training exposes me to the real scenario of life and the decisions making as I encounter the real life problem, this training are very helpful to me as a student because it prepared me on my future job,

April 2
This is the first day of my on-the-job training (OJT) on AIRMARK TRAVEL AND TOURS but the facility doesn’t fit to us because the three of us sharing in a single table and we can’t do properly our given task due to small place of working area. That’s why we decided to transfer to another agency the AIRMARK TRAVEL AND TOURS...
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